Motorola: "We were treated like any manufacturer by Google"

Executives from American company claim that Google did not yield differential treatment in no time

" The Google wanted us to be successful , but she never needed us ! " Is that a Motorola executive describes the short term relationship that Motorola had with Google over the past few years - from acquisition to sale to Lenovo . Steve Horowitz ( senior vice president of Motorola software engineering) revealed that during the conference that the company had at MWC 2014 .

He also made clear that the focus of Google was never to make the smartphones Motorola had some advantage in the market . " We wanted to have a special relationship with the Android team , but we waited in the waiting room like any other company . Were treated as any other manufacturer. Google was very careful not to give us any special treatment. "

Mark Randal ( senior vice president of operations and supplies ) revealed that everything that Motorola has in recent years was on the merits . The Moto Moto X and G instruments have been built based on feedback and research , having no influence of Google itself - which makes clear the dissatisfaction of executives regarding Internet giant .

As for Lenovo , executives who attended the presentation at MWC argue that the company should invest only in hardware . Randal says that Motorola will have access to Lenovo supplies and also the expertise of Chinese hardware company , but it should be fully responsible for the software part of the apparatus . Will this new management will be better for Motorola than the previous ?