Air iPad is the tablet with the longest lasting battery on the market

Testing conducted by Which site? shows that Apple's products have better overall performance than those equipped with Android


Anyone thinking of investing in buying a tablet and considers battery life the most important requirement of choice is the iPad Air the right option . Is this conclusion we reach after watching a series of tests conducted by Which? , Which shows that the product Apple has the best performance in this sense between all devices currently on the market , surpassing even the promises of their manufacturer.

Both the handset and the iPad Mini with Retina Display and the iPad 2 performed better than any Android product in the category browsing the internet . The big winner , the iPad Air , allowed 658 minutes uninterrupted browsing for websites - substantially greater than that reported for the Galaxy Note 10.1 ( 2014 edition ) , first Android product to appear in the list value.

The same situation was repeated in the test that judged the ability of reproducing apparatus videos . While the Apple tablet performed this task during 777 minutes without failure , the second placed HDX 8.9 Kindle Fire , Amazon's endured 714 minutes performing this task , followed by the Nexus 7 (2013 model) , which endured 668 minutes .