Snare: 3 types of cables made to deceive the consumer

It's good to do a little research before purchasing some fake components and that does not work very well

The computer market is bombarded with new products every month, which makes the situation complicated for consumers who want to purchase only one functional unit.

Which occurs in the same way that there are honest companies , there picks manufacturers that target only mislead consumers with false or deceptive devices .

Recently, a reddit user posted some tips on some types of cables that do not work properly and that consumers are only spending good money without getting the desired benefit . Check out what components you should not buy .

1. HDMI to VGA

The first type of cable is quite common to find because it is much sought after . With the promise to send a HDMI signal to a VGA ( or vice versa ) port , this type of cable would allow older computers could send signal to new televisions and would be a key player in connecting new PC (with HDMI ) and old monitors .

The truth is that this type of cable does not work as expected . The HDMI signal is digital type , whereas products with VGA connection works with analog signal . Basically , there is no way perform this type of conversion to a cable . You need to purchase a card that can receive the signal and convert it .

Available in many cheap shops , this type of cable should not be expensive , because it only brings connectors and does not perform the promised activity ( although it works with the digital VGA available in some graphics cards ) . Avoid buying this cable because you will not win anything but headaches trying to exchange the product or get your money back .

2 . Cable SATA 3

For some time , the storage devices have changed the default for the current SATA 2 SATA 3 . The new technology promised higher transfer rates , which made ​​many people buy a new HD or SSD for better performance .

Is that changing the pattern did not result in a change of the interface cable , ie , it is not necessary to have a " SATA 3 " cable for your HD work properly . The SATA 3 cable connections are identical to the 2 SATA cable, so there is no point you pay more for a component that performs the same task of the cable you already own.

Actually , the only thing that changes on a SATA 3 cable is that it comes with a little piece that helps to better secure the cable in HD . Although it does not cost very expensive , not worth anything you buy a SATA 3 cable. The important thing is to check if the motherboard and the hard drive are compatible .
3 . Dual -link DVI cable

DVI cables type Dual - link are not a scam . They really do exist ! However , proper care is taken when purchasing this type of cable , because you can end up taking a single- link home and not having the expected functionality ( Dual -link is for the use of higher resolutions ) .

In this case, the seller can easily mislead consumers because apparently these cables are equal. However, a false Dual-link, even if it brings the pins at the ends, will not have the necessary internal wiring, which will not be of any use to anyone needing a true dual-link.

It's always good search

Well, as you can see, the cables quoted here are not exactly false, but are components that are not useful, since they do not offer benefits. The idea here is to alert you to take care when buying and avoid some redundant or who are really useless products. Find information before it is fundamental!