Dagon Design Sitemap Generator

How to easily and fast put a Sitemap on to your WordPress Blog.

This post was made ​​to answer the comment of our friend Luis as in my previous post I taught you how to create a sitemap for Blogger today will show the plugin in WordPress that creates that I found on the website: Create Sites

If you use WordPress you can easily create this page using the plugin Dagon Design Sitemap Generator that creates and updates the links to all the posts and pages of your blog automatically.

Check out the site map CriarSites.com
If you would also like to install this plugin, but is having trouble during the installation, you can check out this tutorial that shows step by step how to proceed.

Installing the plugin

To install the plugin, you can download and publish the wp-content/plugins folder on your blog. You can also do the same process through the control of own WordPress plugins by clicking on the tab pane, and add again.