Google Fiber works to provide 10 Gbps connections soon

Internet service company operates only in the U.S. and will improve your speed by 10 times


You know the story of that technology companies launching their new range in the way that suits ? I mean, mothers often talk - when children are going to buy a new smartphone - the manufacturer in question already has a much more advanced technology at hand and selling it just to extort the young man again in a few months .

Google does not seem to be very interested in this philosophy , at least in the league Google Fiber internet service provider who delivers the best connections in the U.S. . The company has just announced it will increase its average speed by 10 times over the next three years. Thus , speeds of 10 Gbps will be available . It is soft ?

All this , moreover, is not directed only to companies , but to domestic consumers . However , the scope of Google Fiber is limited to just three North American cities so far, which leaves little relevance to their competition operator . Google's plans to offer a new model that would be broadcast through traditional optical fibers that are already installed on your network .

" Why it would not become a reality in three years ? It's what we're working . There is no reason to wait , "said division chief Patrick Pichette , to USA Today about the new project operator . It is noteworthy that , although that is a major evolution in domestic U.S. network , places like South Korea already use connections with similar speeds