10 amazing facts about Bill Gates

Are there still closely guarded on the life of co-founder of Microsoft secrets?

He is a founder of Microsoft , is one of the creators of Windows, was once considered the richest man in the world and currently works in the technology that built the company board . Talking about Bill Gates is that repeat what everyone already knows , but one must know that the billionaire businessman - Programmer is much more than what we just said .

There is a lot of information about Bill Gates that are left in the plan when we speak of it , and several of them are very interesting . Was curious to know more about it ? Then check out some of the coolest facts about the man behind one of the largest of all time .

1. The first million before age 30 ? How about a thousand of them ?

Many people say they want to get to the " first million before age 30 ." Bill Gates also wanted it when he entered Harvard College , but went much further . At age 31 he had already accumulated more than a billion dollars - a thousand times more than I had planned on college. Another early achievement was the "partial retirement " after 52 years of age. Gates continues at Microsoft, but stopped to devote himself entirely to the company in 2008 .

2 . Large-scale Philanthropy

In 2008 Bill Gates stepped away from full time to Microsoft. He did this to dedicate the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , a charity that keeps with his wife Melinda . And donates much of his money to charity and research against disease , Bill Gates also uses its influence to encourage others to do the same . In 2009 created The Giving Pledge campaign to convince other billionaires to donate their fortunes to help those in need.

3 . Heritage to the world

One of the greatest curiosities of Bill Gates is deeply connected to said in the previous topic . In several interviews granted around the world , Gates said he will not leave all your money to the children - saying it would not be good for the children and not to the world . He says that when you die , the money accumulated will be passed on to charities , leaving only the essentials for your children to live comfortably .

4 . " Only " the second richest

Between 1995 and 2007 , Bill Gates has reigned as the richest man in the world and rarely saw his threatened kingdom. But according to Forbes , the station is currently owned by Carlos Slim Helu , a Mexican businessman who has no less than $ 7 billion more than Gates . It is worth saying that the two have swapped positions a few times in recent years .

5 . The first software he did was " Tic Tac Toe "

At 13 years old , when I was learning the basics of programming in BASIC , Bill Gates decided to use binary codes to program something interactive and fun . With that, he wrote his first software code : Tic - Tac - Toe , the popular " hash " of the Brazilians.

6 . Bill Gates is an academic author

Although he dropped out of college at Harvard , Bill Gates was there long enough to become a published author in academia . In a class of combinatorial mathematics taught by Professor Harry Lewis , Gates managed to solve a very complex problem with innovative methods . The process was described in the article " Bounds for Sorting by Reversal prefixed " , published in the journal " Discrete Mathematics " .

7 . Bill Gates did not like speed limits

Before being a good boy philanthropist Bill Gates was a young man who liked to drive sports cars at high speeds . In 1977 , he was taken to the police station several times after getting caught in flagrant disregard for speed limits of the roads of New Mexico . One time , as shown in Wired , he was arrested for being without a driver's license.

8 . The most secretive wedding that money can buy

Bill Gates and Melinda French married in 1994. So how do actors and singers , Gates did not want photographers managed to capture the moments of your ceremony , so decided to invest all the money it took to maintain the secrecy of the marriage. For this, all vacant rented rooms in the hotel where he stayed and also all the helicopters in the region , so that no one could eavesdrop .

9. A favorite social network Bill Gates is Twitter

The co-founder of Microsoft has nothing against against Facebook or any other social network that exists in the world, but he prefers to use Twitter for a few reasons . The best known are the ease with which it can communicate its actions to the followers and also the fact that the Facebook friend requests out of hand very quickly .

10. Da Vinci manuscripts purchased for $ 30 million

A "work that is the constant search for knowledge." That's how Bill Gates describes the Codex Leicester, a compiled, drawings and manuscripts of Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest minds of the second millennium. In 1994, Gates compiled acquired for $ 30.8 million, revealing that the Italian is one of his greatest inspirations.


Liked to know a little more about one of the richest men in the world and one of the big names in technology? Some of the curiosities brought here were already aware of her?