Wikipedia 2.0-r-2014-08-13 For Android Apk Free Download

Wikipedia is the official application for Wikipedia, and allows you to access the entire contents of one of the best sources of information from the internet, just doing some movement on your Android device screen.

This interface is very simple, and was reduced to simply providing a space to write the word you are interested in and so look for it in the database. However, thanks to this extreme simplicity, Wikipedia perfectly fulfills its purpose, and ends up being very affordable and quick to use.

The contents which can be accessed from the app, is exactly the same which is available on the website. However, the convenience of accessing directly from one app is what makes all the difference.

Wikipedia is a very useful tool for anyone with a curious mind application. Now you can access the main source of information in the world, directly from your Android device, provided you are connected to the Internet.

Download Wikipedia 2.0-r-2014-08-13