Dark Avenger 1.3.0 For Android Apk Free Download

The Dark Avenger is an action game in the third person RPG that puts you in control of the hero whose goal is to descend into hell itself to conquer an evil that is about to wake up .

Players can choose between three different characters: a Templar , an archer , or a mage . The first is especially powerful in fighting face to face , while the third is weaker in that area ( although you can use spells to solve the issue ) .

The structure of the game is very similar to titles like Diablo . In other words , you have to go down the dungeon while immense kills enemies , collecting treasures , and improving the skill level of your character. Everything takes place within a system of intuitive gameplay and action-oriented .

In addition to the traditional mode of play, Dark Avenger includes an online multiplayer mode . Compete for fame and prestige against other dark avengers while gaining special tools and weapons .

The Dark Avenger is a fun role-playing game with awesome graphics . The only negative point is that , as is typical in the case of these games , you have to buy many objects that are for sale within the game .

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