Tool calculates how much time you've spent on Facebook

A few minutes here, another there ... And, in the end, how many hours of his life were devoted to social networking?

Facebook turns 10 next Tuesday (4). Since 2004 many people have joined the social network, and many others have created posts, likes posts, shared news and so on. Amidst all this, you can imagine how long the page was created by Mark Zuckerberg?

To help the curious, the site of TIME magazine has released a tool that does this calculation automatically. Just click this link, enter the data of your Facebook account and wait.

The account is taken considering the messages posted since the person began using Facebook. She uses the time and date of each of them, and from then the average time already invested in the social network is done.

So, how much time you've spent on Facebook? The numbers above are the result of this present writer.