Samsung is having trouble manufacturing the digital reader GS5

Company should hire outsourced to produce more units of the component

A publication called Korean Daum reported today that Samsung would be facing serious problems to produce the fingerprint reader that comes with Galaxy S5 . The component would be too complicated to be put into mass production , so that the company was in talks with a company that specializes in this type of technology to outsource the production of this particular equipment .

There are precise details as to the number of readers that Samsung needs to make the launch of the device , but Daum said that a company called Circletec is the most likely candidate to form a partnership with Samsung in the production of digital readers . This company is a leading manufacturer of optical trackpads in the world and also produces a line of fingerprint readers .

The Samsung would be in a hurry to increase production of such equipment , which could be delaying the assembly line GS5 , because of the global launch of the device , which is scheduled to take place in 150 countries on April 11 .