Restaurant menus are now displayed in Google searches

Feature is only present in U.S. restaurants, but should include other countries in the coming months

If you're hungry and looking for nearby restaurants in Google you, a novelty of the most famous search engine in the world will assist you shortly: the menus of certain restaurants appear on the page itself Google search . According to official publication of the company , the menus of the local establishments can now be viewed on the website - but of course , everything depends on the types of restaurants you want to search on the internet .

Initially the feature is restricted to the United States , but should get the other countries in the coming months , there is no announced dates . To use the function , simply type in the search bar: show me the menu ( property name and city) . The data has been previously made ​​available online will appear in an orderly fashion , with the name , description and price of the dishes - as we can see in the image .

At the moment , it is a relatively small number of sites that are compatible with this feature - something that should change gradually over the months .