Version for developers of Chrome OS allows access to multiple profiles

You can switch between different accounts with greater ease and use them simultaneously without major difficulties

Google announced an experimental feature in version for developers of Chrome OS that allows access to more than one profile simultaneously in the system . The function also allows you to switch between accounts quickly, just by selecting which of the profiles you want to use Google - see more details of the mechanism in action in the video .

To change a profile , simply click on the image of another subscription when you click on your own profile - you can register several accounts and use them without problems . Another novelty is that certain windows system can move between accounts of different profiles , if you want to copy files or perform other functions , including the Files app is able to work with such functionality .

To make use of novelty, users must enter the following code in the developer channel: chrome :/ / flags / # enable- multi -profiles . Remember that multiple profiles are only present in version of Chrome OS to developers .