Microsoft wants to bring Xbox Live to Android and iOS

Company would be preparing simple tools for developers to adopt new

Microsoft really has struggled in recent years to discount the lost time from the launch of iOS and Android . The company 's biggest initiative in the area is obviously the Windows Phone , but the company wants to enter the field of play of opponents to grow .

Apparently , the next move is to bring Xbox Live to Android and iOS , in order to compete with Google Play Games and Game Center . Thus , players could synchronize information games , save achievements and meet friends by the component that would be light and simple enough to be integrated into any mobile game today.

The first information about it appeared in a job offer that Microsoft posted on its website recently . " We will create a modern framework , open source, lightweight , expandable and scalable for various platforms , including Windows Store , Windows Phone , iOS and Android ," said the posting company . Otherwise , it is believed that there may be a deeper integration between smartphones and tablets with consoles from Microsoft, since the Xbox Live lets you play online with several people , among other features .

There are no details of how or when this might happen , but the company now seems to have started hiring developers to work on this specific project that aims to be a more comprehensive alternative to Google Play Games and Game Center .