Concept of "iPhone 6C" brings appliance virtually no side edges

Post shows smartphone in various colors and also features compared to previous generation

Much is said about the fact that the iPhone 5C not be a sales success as Apple had hoped , but that did not stop designer Joseph Farahi to create your own concept of what could be the next version of the color set . He has , therefore, the " iPhone 6C " in a video comparing its dimensions with the current 5C . The colors remain pretty much the same , but it is possible to note a style with less curves in concept .

Obviously , this new iPhone will never see the light of day . First because it is a concept of an artist who does not work for Apple , and second it is very likely discontinuation of the "line C " on the occasion of the launch of the next generation smartphone brand .

Anyway , worth a watch and see how Apple could leave his more interesting secondary line of phones that is today. It is also worth noting that the designer was inspired by rumors about the iPhone 6 to build his concept , placing a screen of 4.7 '' in a body with virtually no side edges , as we see in this alleged leakage of the glass front of the device .