Indian company will launch mobile with Android and Windows Phone

Device should hit stores in June, but there is no much information about the features of the model

The Indian company Karbonn announced that soon will bring to market a new smartphone with two integrated operating systems : Windows Phone and Android . Who brought the news to the West was the Times of India website, which spoke with Sudhir Hasija , chairman of the manufacturer. Hasija praise enough the fact that Microsoft have made it easier for the market to " open " your system .

He says : "Microsoft has loosened regulations and is opening its platform to other players . We signed a terms and two days ago we launched a series of handsets with Windows Phone " . This all should happen next three months , but the arrival of a dual- OS for professionals who are passionate about technology will come only in June . Just is not clear whether this dual- OS means separate or integrated systems .

The Karbonn is not known in Brazil , but makes for success in the Indian market - reaching 6.4 % of the market in August last year. The main focus of their products are consumers with low purchasing power , so most of your appliances are produced for intermediate niches within the portable segment. Does a dual- OS smartphone of this type come to Brazil?
Why an Indian smartphone matters to us

Responding to the question we asked at the end of the last paragraph : the chances of a smartphone from Karbonn arrive in Brazil are practically nil . But even so this kind of news really matters to us . This happens because it concerns the possibility of a smartphone with two operating systems reaching one of the BRICS markets - the " trading block " that houses Brazil , Russia, India , China and South Africa

Google is not known for allowing manufacturers to use Android in conjunction with other operating systems . Recently, rumors that ASUS would have given up on such a device by pressing the Google began to circulate again . That is, we may not see the Dual - Boot on international devices , but Google can be more flexible with local manufacturers such as Karbonn (India ) , Yotta (Russia ) , ZTE (China ) or positive ( Brazil ) .