Shark Dash Free 1.1.1 For Android Apk Download

The Shark Dash is a physics based puzzle game in which the Sharkee , a shark tub , must save his girlfriend Sally with a bunch of rubber ducks that came to their bathroom to bother .

The game mechanics are very affordable and easy , because you only have to pull the shark's tail to send it flying through the air and knock down all the objects that will help you defeat all the fearsome rubber ducks .

The game features over ninety different environments in four different scenarios in which you must combine many moves to eat all the ducks and collect all the coins . The goal is to not only eat all the ducks , but do it at least moves possible , because in the end will receive a score according to their actions .

Regarding the look of the game , he's careful and full of detail , with a cartoon aesthetic that will appeal to both young and older , and also some very good water effects .

The Shark Dash is a puzzle game that , despite not being very original , can be fun . Hours and hours of shooting sharks from the air and knock down the structures is what awaits us once you get used .

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