SkyBox shows what a Google Earth in real time

Enterprise project you want to view satellite images live on your computer

Such that visualize the movement of the streets without leaving home ? For a project created by Skybox Imaging intends to make this possible by providing real-time images as if it were a live Google Earth . Have you ever imagined ? Besides thinking in the proposal , the company also launched an HD video demonstrating the idea , showing how to drive from Beijing Airport , located in China , from the perspective of a satellite .

The images come from the first of the 24 microsatellites that will be part of the project SkyBox , each weighing less than 120 kg and less than a fridge , greatly reducing the cost of operation for the company . The first satellite was launched last year, while 13 more are planned to go into space between 2015 and 2016 . While the idea is still crafted by the company , is not too hard to imagine that in the future there will be a Google Earth live on your computer screen , is not it ?