Xperia Z2 or Galaxy S5? Benchmark fighting major smartphones from MWC

Website specializing in benchmarks shows which are the most powerful handsets that were presented at the Barcelona event

One of the biggest technology fairs for portable happened this week in Barcelona . We are talking about the MWC , that the 2014 edition had a number of very interesting releases - including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia flagship Z2 , which tore applause from members of the press and consumers around the world. But which one is more powerful ?

According to AnTuTu ( a site specializing in benchmarks ) , the title of this year is going to Japan , because the handset from Sony has done better than the Samsung model in tests performed during MWC own . The results were very close , but the Sony model outperformed rival and reached the 34,986 point mark ( 34,628 against the Galaxy ) . The reason may be the fact that the Xperia have 3 GB of RAM , while the Galaxy S5 has only 2 GB .

Just behind them still appears the LG G Pro 2 , but it enters the phablets segment. Other companies have not announced their flagship event in Barcelona , but were also mentioned in the AnTuTu tests . The Nokia X1 appears in the fourth position in the ranking , but with more than 10 thousand points lower than major competitors - as with intermediate models from HTC which were revealed at the fair .

It is worth saying that this fight still goes too far. Although the Sony model have more than 1 GB RAM , Samsung has announced it will soon launch a more powerful version of the Galaxy S5 , which will hit the market with octa -core processor. On the other hand, the Japanese company may also be with a trump card - which will be coming in Z3 ?