Aircraft in whale shape are the future of air transport?

Larger aircraft may carry more passengers and reduce the price of tickets, but does a new airplane model is feasible?

The future of aviation can not be very different works of fiction or the craziest ideas of our imagination. Soon, the air space can be occupied again for dirigibles , as the Aeroscraft , currently in the final stage of production, and unmanned drones and other means that can be used to transport cargo and materials .

The revolution in the industry also spends on building safer and economical passenger vehicles , and when it comes to commercial aircraft the rule seems to be the priority for the efficiency and the size of aircraft .

Today , the Airbus A380 still impresses everyone by its size and ability . Considered the largest aircraft in operation, with two floors to accommodate passengers , the single model class allows up to 853 people in the vehicle , while the version with three classes seats 525 passengers .

However , the design of the Spanish designer Oscar Vinals can overcome the structure of Airbus . The design of your Sky Whale AWWA provides an aircraft with three floors of banks , and their height and curvature , the aircraft looks like a giant whale to sail the skies .

Size matters

As regards commercial lines , the trend is to opt for vehicles bigger. Aircraft capable of carrying more passengers allow airlines offer reduced fares and more regard to their customers .

The era of the jets account as well as Airbus A380 , Boeing 747 with the model of the American company that can take up to 585 passengers on board . The more seats occupied by flight , cheaper may be the ticket charged by the companies.

Oscar Vinals , the designer of the Sky Whale , put their knowledge and imagination in planning the aircraft : "I am an aviation enthusiast and wanted to help with my vision for technology development and evolution of the sector ."

According to Dr. Michael Jump, professor of aircraft engineering from the University of Liverpool , which is lacking in the industry is precisely this ability to revolutionize the design of vehicles, the look of someone outside can contribute a lot .

The academic believes that one way to improve the model planes is to challenge the imagination , pursue good ideas and analyze what may or may not work in terms of aerodynamics and economic efficiency .

Cleared for takeoff

Laws governing the market , airlines prefer vehicles that can fly long distances, as much as possible , with the greatest burden ( or the highest combined weight of passengers ) , using the minimum of fuel for that.

If a new project be to combine these three factors will be technically more advanced and efficient design of aircraft. The major manufacturers are always looking to improve this equation , but generally remain firm to reliable models , tested and approved .

The technical aspects , a plane can be evaluated by thrust of its engines , the aerodynamic set ( to maximize support and minimize turbulence and wake ) and the load capacity of the structure .

In the case of Sky Whale , the project would involve the most advanced technologies , materials and repairing wear and tear on the wings of the aircraft , hybrid engines and rotary engines that allow takeoff in nearly vertical lines . The model would also have a system to redirect airflow to reduce turbulence and trace of the plane.

None of these technologies are feasible on a large scale at the moment, but anything is possible , says Vinals , the proposer of the new vehicle .


Although Vinals believe in the importance of imagination in developing new vehicles , experts in the field are a bit more skeptical about the project. The teacher of the MIT Department of Aeronautics Drela Mark says that planes are the way they have " not for an aesthetic decision , but for technical reasons ."

The cylindrical shape is required to contain the pressure which the aircraft needs to carry passengers at high altitude . For this reason , Drela doubts that the Sky Whale is efficient : "It's a stylistic concept ," he says .

Moreover , for a manufacturer to sell a new aircraft , he must show that the vehicle is safe . Safety regulations have evolved over time , and is more difficult to prove the security of a model that radically modifies the conventional design of aircraft .

According Drela , commercial aircraft have a number of configurations and requirements to balance all the factors properly without danger to passengers and crew . It may be that we are not as close to a revolution in air transport equipment , but it's nice to think that there are people imagined a new and different future.