First cars with integration to iOS should be shown this week

Vehicles of different brands should display integration system that allows control of music, maps and other apps through Siri

In June last year , when Apple announced the arrival of iOS 7 , it was also announced the " iOS in the Car " feature . - This is a way to control various applications and features of the vehicles in an integrated manner with the operating system Apple - using Siri for commands by mouth other words , drivers can use the smartphone to control music and maps displayed on the control panel of the car itself , for example. .

According to rumors published in The Financial Times website, the first vehicles with the integrated system will be shown this week during the Geneva (Switzerland ) . There are reports that Ferrari , Mercedes - Benz and Volvo models have already shown with their built- in navigation systems and multimedia playback technology. Other automakers may also be in that group , including Honda , Nissan and Chevrolet .

As recalled by The Verge, the period of the Geneva Motor Show - which is from 6 to 16 March - may coincide with the launch of the first major update to iOS 7, which now reaches version 7.1. Does the vehicle manufacturers will actually highlight the compatibility with systems for smartphones during exposure happens in Switzerland?