Samsung announces the Galaxy S5 first commercial

Post showed all the tools to take the product during the Oscars 2014

 During the broadcast of the Oscars 2014, the Samsung entered its first commercial for the Galaxy S5 . The apparatus , besides being present in the show , had all its unique features presented in the video above . The ad lasts just under four minutes being considered a great commercial for TV standards , and even more if we take into account the value of insertion while displaying the highest award of cinema .

As you can see , the Samsung focuses a lot on the new device and even cites some specifications of the device , as the new processor , screen and details of the new camera. The features that help you stay in shape were also highlighted , with the S smart watches Health along with the brand .

The Galaxy S5 will have global launch in 150 country simultaneously on April 11 . There are rumors , however, that difficulties in the production of digital reader smartphone may hinder the plans of Samsung for the GS5 .