Mozilla and smartphone Chinese company will release $ 25

Model is already considered the cheapest smartphone in the world and should arrive in 15 countries still in 2014

Mozilla confirmed on Sunday (23) who has just signed a partnership with China's Spreadtrum to manufacture one who can be considered the cheapest smartphone in the world.

The device should cost only $ 25 (the equivalent of U.S. $ 59, excluding taxes) and is forecast to reach 15 countries still in 2014. The company, however, did not confirm the list of nations that must receive the product, but it is possible that Brazil is among the chosen.

Relying on a simple hardware, the handset will have a 3.5 inch screen with resolution of 320x480 pixels. The rear camera is 2 megapixels. The operating system used is Firefox OS model will have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The FM radio function is also confirmed. Firefox OS $ 25 still give you access to an ecosystem of web applications and HTML5.