Update iOS Touch ID can improve iPhone 5S

It is expected that the operating system update to solve the problems encountered in current version

Consumers who own the iPhone 5S can unlock their devices through the Touch ID - the system of fingerprint recognition which avoids the need to memorize passwords for use of equipment . But many complain that this method does not always work with 100 % efficiency you would expect , which may cause some minor annoyances at various times .

But chances are Apple sort it all out with the update of iOS , which is to be launched by mid- month. According to several sources close to Apple Insider , iOS 7.1 will change the code to allow for more reliable reading of fingerprints , and make the Touch ID becomes more accurate and requires less time reading before unlocking each device .

Not confirmed yet if this update will actually happen this month , but they are pretty big chances of this happening . If confirmation occurs , surely the owners of iPhones 5S will be very happy to know that their devices will have more security and will still have more speed to the unlock screen .