Back to Top: Bill Gates is again the richest man in the world

New rankings released by Forbes magazine puts the cofounder of Microsoft again first

Bill Gates is again the richest man in the world . The traditional annual ranking by Forbes magazine , one of the most important economic publications in the world , had new edition released on Monday ( 3 ) and list the co-founder of Microsoft in the first position with a net worth estimated at $ 76 billion .

The magazine also noted that in the past 20 years , Bill Gates topped the rankings in 15 editions . After a few years removed from his duties at Microsoft and has been actively working with philanthropy, Gates is gradually coming to dedicate the company he helped create .

It is worth remembering that fortune Gates could be significantly higher . Over the years , it is estimated that he has already donated $ 28 billion to charity . In addition , he is a member of a foundation called The Giving Pledge in which its members pledge to donate at least half their fortune to charity when they die .

Among the top ten ranking still listed other names linked to technology , such as Larry Ellison , CEO of Oracle , placed fifth with an estimated $ 48 billion worth.
The 10 richest people in the world

  1.     Bill Gates $ 76 billion
  2.     Carlos Slim $ 72 billion
  3.     Amancio Ortega $ 64 billion
  4.     Warren Buffett's U.S. $ 58.2 billion
  5.     Larry Ellison $ 48 billion
  6.     Charles Koch $ 40 billion
  7.     David Koch $ 40 billion
  8.     Sheldon Adelson $ 38 billion
  9.     Christy Walton U.S. $ 36.7 billion
  10.     Jim Walton U.S. $ 34.7 billion