Kingston launches with two USB interfaces running on Android devices

DataTraveler microDuo stores data that can be accessed from mobile devices and allows file sharing between smartphones and tablets via USB

Tablets and smartphones are already part of everyday life for millions of people , who , consequently , are storing an increasing amount of data on their devices . To facilitate access to such valuable information , from anywhere , Kingston has just released the DataTraveler microDuo .

In a compact format that combines USB and microUSB , DataTraveler microDuo allows the user to expand the storage capacity of your Android smartphones and tablets with full portability .

The DataTraveler microDuo uses the microUSB port devices - normally used to charge the battery - to increase the storage capacity up to 64 GB . This feature is especially useful considering that fewer smartphones and tablets come to market with space for a microSD card .
How it works ?

The drive works with any device that can be used as an input for USB ( USB On-The -Go ) and dual interface allows you to transfer files without using a PC as a bridge . Users of smartphones and tablets that take high resolution photos and make HD videos can now easily move their heavy files and free space on the device memory , as in a normal stick.

" The DT microDuo is a great accessory for phones and tablets that allows the user to backup your files from anywhere , transfer them from one device to another and free space on the device with ease ," says Gerardo Rocha , executive director of Kingston in every country .

The DataTraveler microDuo is available in capacity of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and soon 64GB. The suggested prices are 2259 Rs (8 GB), U.S. 3664 Rs (16GB) and 11442 Rs (32GB).