HTC unveils the new one

There is no doubt that the HTC One is a great phone . But now the company has introduced the next generation of phones . Although this phone , launched in 2013 is inspired by the HTC One , but it is a new kind of finishing . The new HTC One was presented in a full metal body and brushed finish has been Heyrlain . This phone is a high - end luxury watch will remind you . It seems to hold the phone and HTC One of the finest among the customers will like it .

The good thing is that the phone memory up to 128 GB with the help of micro SD card can increase . The phone has been tapped to wake feature , ie as soon as you tap on the screen of the phone will open the phone . KitKat latest Android 4.4 operating system that this phone has been used .

-3 5.5 -inch Super LCD screen in the new HTC One which Gorilla Glass has been used 3 And because its screen is extremely strong . 801 Snapdragon chip and 2 GB of system RAM Kwadkor its other qualities , which are very important and special .

Launched in 2013 on the back of the phone , like the HTC One 4 ultra pixel camera , but it was better with the world's first Duo camera and with it the UK - will also focus depth sensor . It lets you take pictures and post processing in professionally Four of the picture - you can control the focus of ground and background . Also if you are fond of Selfi the phone in front of his camera is 5 megapixel .

Another feature may be the price of this phone , the Samsung Samsung S 5 to launch in India this week and it 's good for her opponent it can be. It is believed that the price of this phone in India is between 45 and 50 thousand .

HTC 's new phone in three colors gun metal gray , silver and golden color will be available . Golden in color , this phone will be launched by the end of the year .