TuneWiki Lyrics with Music 4.6.3 For Android Apk Free Download

TuneWiki - Lyrics with Music is an application that lets you listen to your favorite music while reading the lyrics on the screen of your Android device .

In addition to this core functionality , which allows users to learn the lyrics of the songs they like the TuneWiki is a very exciting social component that lets you see which songs your friends are listening to , what they like , what they dislikes , etc. . Additionally, you can discuss the contents of the songs or the meaning of his lyrics .

Another option allows the application to recognize the music being played, and then automatically find the letter for you. So easy you can always have them on your device , ready to be read at any time .

TuneWiki - Lyrics with Music is a very exciting for music lovers application because it not only allows you to read the lyrics while listening, but also makes it easy to share your music discovery with all your friends .

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