"We're building Iron Man", says Obama

In speech, the U.S. president speaks of TALOS design and technology projects

Known for its lively atmosphere , the U.S. president , Barack Obama made a joke about one of the most famous superheroes of today in a recent speech at the White House .

" Today, I am accompanied by researchers who invented some of the most advanced metals on the planet , designers who are shaping the prototypes , a personal Pentagon supporting this work ... basically digital cloud , I'm here to announce that we are building the Iron Man " Obama announces followed by laughter from the public and the president himself.

" Actually , this is a secret project we're working on for some time . 's Not true . Maybe . 's Confidential ," he concludes . Far from announcing the armor of Tony Stark , Obama was there to talk about creating two institutes manufacturing of high-tech innovation in the cities of Chicago and Detroit , resulting in job creation , consortium's and partnerships with companies with charities and universities .

But Obama 's dream is not so far from happening in the United States : it is worth remembering that the Army works with the TALOS project for some time . Military clothing is a futuristic soldier armor that protects against shots without losing mobility , as it uses light, strong and malleable metal . The first prototypes should be out soon , while a final model should be ready only in 2018 .