Caution: fake scam sites give online buying World Cup tickets

In the last four weeks, more than 15 types of online scams have been identified

Competition among football fans to get tickets for the games of the World Cup this year in Brazil, is generating a wave of online attacks against supporters. The conclusion is the Department of Analysis and Safety Baidu, international Internet company.

According to the study, more than 15 types of online scams have been identified in the last four weeks exploring resources phishing, fraud where users are lured with promises, such as offering free ticket and prizes as large sums of money or cars, fake websites selling tickets for World Cup matches.

Clicking the malicious link , Internet users are asked to enter your Social Security number, credit card and security code , and other private information . With this information , the scammer can clone the credit cards identified , causing financial loss to the victim . The Department of Analysis and Security Antivirus Baidu also found that these latest threats can be spread over the Internet through fraudulent emails .

About phishing attacks , experts warn : there is a direct impact on the safety of bank accounts with online access . So it is important to always turn the feature network protection security software to prevent this type of fraud .
Among the tips and more efficient methods to prevent fraud highlights:

  •     Be wary of e- mails and suspects - delete them immediately.
  •     Do not click on links or open attachments in suspicious emails .
  •     Avoid entering private information (especially the information about credit card ) at unknown sites .
    Keep your security software updated and feature complete asset protection.