In google people curious about rahul gandhis girlfriend and modis wife

Indian politicians about Google 's private life news and information people are looking for a long time . Google politicians in the lives of scores of people in India are fascinated . They want to know everything about them .

Narendra Modi's wife , girlfriend and Arvind Kejriwal Rahul Gandhi family in India tops the most searched topics to be . People are curious to know everything about them .

Rahul Gandhi made ​​a laughing lightly , but in the social media people know too much about his girl friend 's curiosity . But he told a news agency to find a suitable girl he will marry . In 2004 his relationship with a foreign girl was reported in Uri . Rumor had it that his name is Juanita and belonged to Colombia . He later told a newspaper that she herself Spain are not of Columbia . He spoke of his name that people are taking the wrong name . His name is Veronique not Juanita . He told the waitress but not B Architect . He told her his best friend . He is said to have met at the University of Veronique, England .

Narendra Modi BJP's PM candidate 's wife is also looking well in Google . Open magazine about his wife had reported in 2009 , according to which his name is Jsodaben . But he told a foreign news agency that he has no regrets the fact he went out of his life . Since he has never met him . He is a huge fan of Modi . But Modi never told anyone about his marriage . Are told that their marriage was in childhood and are tight-lipped about it .

Fight corruption an election issue Arvind Kejriwal , who are always on the look in Google . Kejriwal , who defeated the Legislative Assembly , the Congress of the family are always looking for answers . Kejriwal was not hiding something in his personal life . Something about them always keep searching .