Rival WhatsApp, Viber releases for fixed Internet connection in World

Strategy is part of an offensive to win over potential users dissatisfied service recently acquired by Facebook

It seems that not only were the creators of WhatsApp they saw a good opportunity to sell the platform to Facebook, but also some rivals . After Russian Telegram claim to have received almost 5 million new users in the last days is the turn of another competitor, Viber , trying to bite a slice of this giant cake that is the market for messaging via cell phone.

The company ensures that , starting this Tuesday ( 25 ) , any user of the service in every country can make calls to landlines within the national territory without paying anything - the service is usually paid , but the company will pay for the calls. The initiative allows for unlimited calls and shape intends to fatten market share of Viber .

As the idea is to grow , developers of the platform ensures that the durability of the promotion depends on the audience : the flow of text messages exchanged by the app to increase at least 25 % in a week , it is extended indefinitely , otherwise the gratuitous links closes the weekend after Carnival .

Besides the attempt to win new users, Viber want to mark position after the chief executive of WhatsApp , Jan Koum announce during the MWC 2014 the application will make telephone calls between users - feature already on Viber .
Facebook effect

Just as the Telegram , which saw an increase of almost 5 million users just last weekend , the Viber seems to follow a similar path after purchase WhatsApp on Facebook. The platform , which was recently acquired by Japanese company Rakuten , the number of downloads has increased by 1,000 % and the flow of messages exchanged grew 400 % , in every country.

Apparently , despite Facebook being the most used social network on the planet , many people were concerned about the sale of WhatsApp to the company by Mark Zuckerberg . If you are one of these , know 10 alternatives to the program .

Download the Viber for Windows Phone , Android , iOS or Windows ( desktop ) .