6 bizarre things that Google is planning

Unusual features that can be part of our daily lives in a not too distant future

Every day , Google surprises us with something new . Be the acquisition of a new company or suggestion of a possible technology through a patent, the company manages to impress and frighten with their outlandish ideas .

In recent years , the company has evolved its services and gadgets , striding with prototypes that can revolutionize the future of the world . The truth is that the company has very outlandish ideas , some of which may never , in fact , the consumer .

Last year, Google has obtained a number of patents that can topple anytime soon . We have gathered in this article some of these crazy proposals that can be very well used or that may just end up with people's privacy .

1. Automatic Photos around you

Thinking of taking pictures of mountains and places of difficult access , Google filed a patent in 2011 that ensured the creation of an elongated device with location sensors , lenses and one button activation able to automatically capture images of a region that is surrounding the person who is using the device .

Difficult to understand, no? Well, this is a product with several lenses that is loaded in the back of the climber. With a stick, the person hits the ground when you want to capture an image. The lenses of the device will automatically capture the entire surroundings. This invention may further be utilized for people with disabilities.

2. Keyboard designed in the hands

Google Glass can be a very clever gadget, but he can hardly understand the commands in a very noisy environment. To solve this problem and ensure a quick and easy way of typing, Google patented a laser projection keyboard that appears in the user's hand.

To be able to understand commands, Glass should be watching the movements with the camera. After verifying that a button was pressed, the gadget returns the character in the "screen". For now, this is just a patent, but the idea and there should not be too difficult to adapt it to smart sunglasses company.

3. His gestures belong to Google!

Ever wonder what will be sharing information on social networks of the future? Google has had many ideas! The most ingenious is the interpretation of user gestures. Just use your hands and place them "heart-shaped" for the Glass interpret the gesture and understand that you likes a particular product.

To see that you enjoyed a any object (either a game or an outfit in a shop window), the Glass can take a photo and quickly direct you to the Google+ post system. According to the information of the patent, the gadget can recognize other gestures, but do not know what Google will invest in your product. Does this fashion picks?

4. Google creates your posts

Interact in social networks is fun, but there are times when we do not have much time to check the postings friend, nor do we have to comment on certain posts. To expedite this process, Google intends to create automatic text you possibly put on social networks.

Analyzing his earlier comments on related posts, Google's software could create an automatic message for you to have greater participation in conversations with friends. According to the data of the patent, the application notifies the user before sending a review, ensuring that no robotic message is posted without permission.

5. Monitoring your eyes to generate better ads

Google already has a vast knowledge in the area of advertising, but it seems that the simple relationship between visited pages is not something that satisfies the company. For the future, Google filed a patent that you want to monitor your eyes and give the user when the pupils are more dilated, knowing what the ad is calling your attention.

This technology can be deployed on Google Glass itself, but can also be added in shop windows and other objects that offer ads. With this, Google will have an incredible system that links the interests of the real world with the virtual world advertisements.

6. Ads can not stop

If you think that monitoring your eyes is not enough invasion of privacy, know that Google can go much further with "advertisements based on environmental conditions." A patent filed in 2008 may wonder how are the weather conditions and provide notices relating to your real environment.

Thanks to the enormous amount of gadgets with multiple sensors and equipped with the Android system , Google can check temperature, humidity , sound, light and even the chemical composition of the air around you. With this, the intelligent ad programs do not have the Google limits to offer the best products .
Very invasive technologies ?

Well, these are just some of the many patents that Google owns and which can be applied in future gadgets and services company . Although they are very intelligent and have " the best intentions " , there is no way to look at these technologies and not feel a bit of trepidation about the invasion of privacy that they can cause .

Will Google is going too far ? Really need mobile programs and taking many decisions for us ? We want a world filled with advertisements ? Give your opinion on the subject .