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Review: film Ragini MMS 2
Actorः Sunny Leone , Pravin Dabas , Sandhya Mridul , Karan Mehra and Sahil Love Director Bhushan Patel
Ratingः 2 of 5 Stars

'It 's the porn star , then turned . Sleeps with everyone . Funny ugly head will take on everyone's eyes . 'd Be laughing . There will be no Feelings . And then we see the side of Sunny Leone Satya writer asks the question . Why every man whore who understands me . Satya is stopped at this question . Then answers. Pants because their mind is not in the head . But I'm not . "

Ragini MMS 2 remember this one scene I 'm wondering what ever the people of India and their adult movie star Sunny Leone will see the image of the cross . And public reasons , it is true that director . Sunny Leone in the film Ragini MMS beautiful body was explored every possible way to debunk many of the show . And for what reason . This movie is Horeks . Combining sex and horror . Horror ever , never . Have sex . And I was looking at the single-screen theater , there 's screams filled the alleged heroism was telling jokes and comments that Ekta Kapoor is doing the trick . But Ragini MMS 2 story and acting , the film lacks is on these two fronts . If you expect to see a horror movie with a good twist jib , so sorry. Should the spices , then Go For It Baby Doll .

What's the story this time
The last movie we saw the rise dirty weekend with my girlfriends to celebrate tonality became a bungalow in the desert is . MMS is making plans with her ​​. But there is an outbreak of witch . Shining dies . Ragini goes mad . Forward now . Director Roux ( Pravin Dabas ) has decided to film this story . Porn star Sunny Leone will roll tonality . In the film she is playing the lead role . Be a TV star with Karan ( Karan Mehra ) . Also the writer of the film Satya ( Sahil love) with the crew - will move every time . Goya was already writing the script has yet to be practiced .

Choose a place to shoot the haunted house , where the MMS scandal was . Dreams and never shoot with the ever- changing witch because of the sex scenes seem to come frequently . In between TV , Produsrs , the casting couch trying to make fun of the dying is Aktreses . The doctor returned to the U.S. Meera ( Divya Dutta ) are trying to understand the madness of tonality . The secret is finally opens Bhutia bungalow . Satya and Sunny true love and many people pass through the sequence . , I told you . The story is not new .

How are acting and singing
The same is true of acting . In terms of the linen , so they looked quite Improvement . Jism 2 and jackpots than just skin show that he is devoid here . But Pravin Dabas Rocks roll seem very loud . Actress Sandhya Mridul side of the roll Despo hard. But playing the role shortly after the repeat tone . Writer 's Role in the Satya seem very flat . Goya 's innocent and powerful angel Sunny mold them to be put to tick .

Movie songs, Baby Doll was gold vodka bottle and four have already been a runaway hit . His timing is also right in the movie . The camera work is simple and very superficial climax . The same methods have been adopted in the film , which was shown in the eighties Ramsay Brothers . The film finds a soft place frightened manner . The rest of the resort just scream and change shape . Maybe Evil Returns director Bhushan Patel making his debut in 1920 after giving an overdose of spices wish to come into the mainstream .