Engineer can build nuclear reactor in the basement of house

Doug Coulter is known for releasing information on the internet on how to build different tools and for his work with a nuclear reactor

You better remember this name : Doug Coulter . This eccentric engineer is relatively famous for creating various inventions in the basement of his own home , which by the way he built himself . The most impressive creations of their household is a nuclear reactor , which is apparently able to function properly .

Coulter has a forum that makes disclosures of different appliances that can be created by anyone, provided there own materials and engineering expertise and physical required . Some data are also tiny nuclear reactor there, since Coulter sees no problem in sharing this information . The reactor is based on the Farnsworth Fusor , developed by 64 Farnsworth .

In the basement of the house , Doug has a place he called " lair of creative chaos " , which is where it all experiments . The homemade nuclear reactor has called attention Motherboard site , which went to the place to make a short documentary about this curious inventions engineer.

According to the website , Doug is trying to create a type of reactor unlimited source of clean, self-sufficient , able to completely change the energy system we use energy today - something that seems somewhat utopian for some people . If he succeeds in his endeavor , an extremely significant discovery can happen in a messy basement inside the United States .