Chinese Instrument 3000 years has a similar sound to the Super Mario Bros.

Sheng simulates perfectly the notes played on all the songs and the effects of game

Have you ever heard of an instrument called Sheng ? It is a musical instrument created in China in the year 1100 BC , which contains a huge amount of pipes through which the sound out - which , to boot, still gives him a peculiar appearance that resembles a mix between a portable organ and a clarinet .

Okay, he may not be well known here , but fans " of the old " the most famous plumber of the games will definitely find that recognize the sound of the notes played by him . As you can hear in the video above, Sheng has a sound virtually identical to the background tracks and effects used in the first Super Mario Bros. .

More surprising than this, perhaps, is the difficulty that appears to be the use of such musical instrument : besides the massive size and awkward shape , there is a considerable amount of " keys " to be pressed to make the most different sounds . Anyway, seems to work both rewarding as well .