Nokia X is hacked to run Android "real"

Hackers were able to modify the bootloader of the device to install any version of Android hoping

If you were expecting that Nokia announced a smartphone with Android in a manner similar to what other manufacturers do so , must have been quite disappointed to learn that the Nokia X does not work with the operating system from Google itself - the case of a version modified system , which works with marked changes in Android features .

But hackers found a way to make the machine can run any version of Android - including the stock versions , which are lighter and are present in the Nexus line of devices . For this, the developer KashaMalaga created a process that goes beyond latches bootloader Nokia X and allows the files to be accessed from the original bootloader , bringing Android to the top .

The hacker published his experiments on XDA Developers and says the process is very fast , requiring only that the device is connected to a computer and then the Framaroot system is applied for it to be achieved root access on your smartphone . He says the process also allows access to Google Play Store , but does not reveal what are the consequences of the root to the battery.

Although the process seems relatively easy, it must be remembered that the use of third-party systems for changing a firmware can cause the end of the technical support and the loss of some of the security apparatus. Therefore, it is recommended that only advanced users use this procedure on their smartphones.