30% of companies will use biometric authentication by 2016

It's pointing to a report published by Gartner, which also provides for investments in security of electronic devices should increase

A survey released at the end of February by consulting firm Gartner indicates that by the end of 2016 , at least 30 % of companies use biometric authentication in mobile devices . The current issue revolves throne of 5 % .

Because of this , Apple and Samsung , the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 , come out ahead at least at first . LG also showed interest in bringing similar technology for your LG G3 . While most companies adopt increasingly complex passwords on computers and notebooks , the market of mobile devices has been shown to be more agile in deploying more efficient and less cumbersome for the user solutions .

Adopting unlock solutions for mobile devices that run away from alphanumeric passwords seems to be a natural way for industry. More complex passwords are difficult to be memorized and, moreover , are complicated to be typed in small virtual keyboard mobiles, increasing the chances of error and consequent blocking of the system.