MY LITTLE PONY 1.8.0 For Android Apk Free Download

My Little Pony is the official game of the New Adventures of My Little Pony , an Internet phenomenon that has managed to entertain thousands of users with a game mode that despite his boyish appearance , contains stories quite entertaining !

With all your favorite characters, you can participate in adventures directly from your Android device. The game looks a bit like Farmville with ponies , but it is actually a really unique world !

You will find a series of minigames in which you will be able to control different ponies to participate in various fun games that use particularly new other mechanical games. The result is a varied experience!

Graphically, My Little Pony is a remarkable title, because it uses the same style of graphics that the animated series. At times, you'll feel watching the show rather than playing .

My Little Pony is a very fun and social game where you can play minigames several styles. It uses a simply adorable license and offers an amazing user experience .