RoboCop™ 3.0 For Android Apk Free Download

RoboCop is a shooting game in the third person that uses similar to those mechanisms Mass Effect : Infiltrator and other games of this style for mobile devices . The specificity here is that the protagonist is RoboCop .

You need to use the touch controls to preserve your character using protection, and you should leave them to shoot. You will have a sense of timing to make you discovered aim correctly and shoot the enemies you encounter.

To cope with the many enemies that you will face during the game , you will need a wide arsenal that you will find in the game in question arsenal consists of pistols, rifles, shotguns , machine guns, etc. Each of these weapons ... has its own characteristics .

Each weapon will be more or less useful , depending on the enemy that you face . The difficulty is not the same if you face a single gang member , if you need to overcome EM- 208 or ED- 209.

RoboCop is a shooting game in the third person , with beautiful graphics and gameplay , which although not particularly original, is very effective.

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