KitKat for LG G2 comes officially to India from April 30

Update offers access tool Knock Code, which is triggered by the PC and allows you to customize the unlocking mechanism of the device by tapping the screen

Yesterday , we reported that , from the official files of the company manager , the LG PC Suite , you can now update your LG G2 to Android 4.4 - better known as KitKat .

Shortly after our publication , we received a press release from the press office of LG bringing more information about the availability of the latest version of the green little robot operating system .

The company reported that KitKat will be officially available in India from April 30 . The delivery of the update may vary , as operators take a few days to deliver the update to customers.
Even more practical and safe

According to this statement , one of the highlights of this update is access to the call Knock Code , an evolution of Knock On appeal already present in G2 that lets you turn on the screen to unlock the gadget with only two taps followed anywhere in the display.

The new functionality aims to offer even more speed and security to your smartphone. For this, the feature allows you to not only turn on the mobile screen, but also a choice between more than 80,000 combinations of rings to unlock the device . By setting 2-8 touches , you can unlock the G2 with the display still disabled .
Only the cable

Who expected the convenience of installing the new OS distributions via OTA ( Over-the - Air) , forget it. Due to the size of the data package required to update the platform , LG has decided to facilitate the download and installation only by computer, with the help of USB cable connection . Thus , the company hopes to avoid trouble downloading or implementation process that can potentially cause malfunctions in their products .

With the update , the manufacturer claims that the G2 earns an improvement in the quality of music system , increases battery saver extends the life of the appliance and increases your processing performance - allowing apps to run 17 % faster than Chromium according to the above mechanism .

LG has a support page, which you can access by clicking here, introducing a step by step on how to proceed with the update tool from G2 through LG Mobile Support Tool tab.