Pocket 5.4 For Android Apk Free Download

Pocket is a simple Android application that allows you to save any interesting information you find online so that you can watch it later , without the need for Internet access .

You can use Pocket in your pocket to bring any type of content you find on the web . There may be websites or videos, including the most traditional option : an article . You just have to click the share button and choose "Pocket" option. So you can save the content in question on your account and access it whenever you want, without requiring internet connection.

Once you start having a lot of content stored in your Pocket account, you will need to organize . With Pocket , it is also very easy . You can organize all the content you save into categories , so access is as easy as watching your favorite .

Pocket is a very useful application that will be particularly useful for users who do not have a 3G connection on their mobile phone. In all cases , it is perfect to start saving a good amount of all the texts and online articles that you find interesting.

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