ONLINE RPG AVABEL 2.0.20 For Android Apk Free Download

AVABEL is a role-play massively multiplayer online in the same vein as classics of the genre such as Phantasy Star Online , where you evolve in a fantasy world at a time halfway between the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the time future .

To play , you will at first create your character , which can be of any kind and must belong to one of the four main classes : warriors, wizards, rangers or acolytes . Each class has specific skills, you can of course improve gradually as you progress in the game

AVABEL , like most games of this genre , has a linear storyline in which you have to follow an established history , which will grow gradually as you complete missions . In this game mode , you 'll be able to chat with other players no matter where they are in the world and with the game currency , you can buy items , participate in fights etc ... .

The game also features combat modes such as PvP, GvG, in which you will participate in player fights against player or guild against guild . In these modes, you will be able to demonstrate your skills and win some exclusive benefits.

AVABEL is a great multiplayer game , which features a graphical environment as successful as most games of its kind for computer , although it is only available to Android devices ( smartphones and tablets) .

Download ONLINE RPG AVABEL 2.0.20